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Welcome From the Head of School

Welcome to Coastal Family School! We are passionate about building relationships, educating children and growing the leaders of tomorrow. Our foundation is built on providing children with a space to begin to understand who God is and who He has made them to be. I believe that when students have confidence in themselves, confidence in the unique person God has designed them to be, they begin to develop a solid foundation on which all further social interactions, interactions with our culture, educational goals,

drive and passion can be built on. I am so excited to be a part of the team building a school that meets the individual needs of children and surrounds them with a loving community in which to grow. 


We acknowledge that choosing the right school environment for your child is a big decision and it is our desire to help you find the best fit for your family.  Our highly trained, energetic, creative, and loving staff provide a magnificent balance between structure and playful engagement, developing focus and creativity built upon positive, loving relationships with their students. It is our desire to prepare our students for the years beyond our school, creating a solid base on which they can succeed in achieving their dreams.


Our success is built on our partnership with you. As parents, the role that you play in your child’s development is unparalleled to any other person your child will encounter in their lifetime. It is for this reason that we feel strongly about being your ally, providing a space for open communication, building action plans and enjoying this adventure of childhood together! We are excited for the potential of partnering with you in providing your children with a quality education.

We look forward to meeting you!


Brittney Grimshaw

Head of School

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