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“We are born makers. We move what we learn from our heads to our hearts through our hands.”

- Brene Brown


Toddler Program

Our toddler classroom serves children from 2-3 years old. The toddler years of childhood are marked with rapid developmental change. We desire for our students to develop curiosity, wonder, and to see the beauty and magic in the world around them; what better way to do this than through books! Each book in our literacy based toddler curriculum has been thoughtfully hand picked to meet various developmental markers. Our toddler classroom environment is language rich, immersing students in vocabulary building and articulation. Early learning concepts are taught through concrete objects that children can touch, feel and manipulate as they build vocabulary. These early years are crucial in developing a healthy self-awareness and beginning awareness of others.


Our low student/teacher ratios allow staff to interact with each student, intentionally growing their ability to interact with adults and with their peers. Students are given ample room to experiment with cause and effect, problem solve, improve memory skills and build curiosity. The ability to maintain attention, focus on and complete tasks also begins with toddlers through group learning experiences and extended conversation and play. Lessons in safety and personal care routines are also a focus of this group.

Preschool Program

Our preschool classes are filled with the sounds of joyful and excited students who are discovering friendship and soaking up the world around them with intense enthusiasm.  Students in the preschool class, ages three through four years old are beginning to be prepared to enter pre-kindergarten, which means that morning group time will be extended and their attention maintenance will be challenged. These students engage in many opportunities for hands-on learning in areas of math, science and literacy.


The classroom environment is thoughtfully curated to meet the preschooler’s need for stimulation, to fuel their natural inquisitiveness and encourage social engagement. Students are challenged to build on their independence, gain confidence and grow their cognitive skills. Students at this level begin to hear letter sounds, form the letters of their name and increase their fine motor development. Our preschool staff recognizes the individual growth and development of each child and tailors learning opportunities based on the child’s unique readiness.


PreK and tk Program

At Coastal Family School, our desire is to create a structured learning environment that is stimulating and engaging for our students who will be heading into kindergarten. The classroom environment is rich in literacy and materials that stimulate problem solving skills, and knowledge in math, science and engineering. Themed concepts, based on the children’s interests, are used to stimulate their energy and desire for learning. Our Pre-Kindergarten teachers use this excitement to incorporate learning from all developmental areas ensuring that students receive a well-balanced, structured and stimulating education that readies them for the elementary years and beyond.

Our TK eligible students, ages four and five, benefit greatly from having a bonus year to blend the merriment of preschool with the structure elementary school will bring. Students prepare for Kindergarten with heightened expectations for social, emotional, and academic readiness and with a more challenging curriculum that is developmentally appropriate. The class participates in a more extensive group time each morning, practices working in teams to problem solve, explores topics like math and handwriting in more depth, and enjoys a literacy rich learning atmosphere. Science and engineering are a greater focus with weekly STEM challenges and exercises. Our curriculum is focused on the wondrous and explorative nature of books and reading, later in the school year students perform early-reading exercises with wild enthusiasm.

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