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Coastal Family Infant Program

Serving children 3 months - 2 years old. 


Our infant center classroom and staff create a safe, beautiful and stimulating environment for the youngest children in our care. The infant stage of childhood is one of rapid development, children are building a foundation in responsive and trusting relationships. Children who are grounded in positive and responsive relationships feel free to explore and learn, developing curiosity, resilience and confidence which are all essential building blocks to growth. At Coastal Family School we follow a one staff to three student ratio to provide the best individualized care. Our program is based solely on each child's unique and individual needs. We practice primary caregiving, meaning that though your child will have 2-3 teachers in the room, each teacher will have specific students they will be assigned as their primary teacher this helps to create a trusting bond between each child and their teacher. We ensure that each child is receiving positive, respectful and responsive care during their time at school. Teacher's communicate with parents daily, sending home written reports on the day and posting photos through our parent portal. 


Tuition and Application

We are so excited that you are interested in joining our coastal family! In order to get a full picture of our school we recommend taking an individual tour so that you can experience the culture of the space! If you haven't already taken a tour and would like to, please click here to fill out our "tour form" so our family can meet yours!

You can find our tuition information here:

If you have more questions, please feel free to email our director at 

or call our office at (805) 684-2437.

License Number: 426216451

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