Brittney Grimshaw

Head of School

Brittney Grimshaw joins the Coastal Family team with close to two decades of school leadership experience. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Human Service: Executive Leadership.  Not only are we blessed to have her as the Head of our School, but she also serves as the Director of Children's Ministry at our church.  We are thankful for how the Lord is using her to encourage and growth the families of our community!


David Pennington

Executive Director/Associate Pastor

David Pennington is the Pastor of Youth and Children at Family Baptist and has the joy of being an overseer of Coastal Family School. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Westmont College and is currently working towards a MDIV in Christian Ministry from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has a wife named Katherine and four wonderfully wild boys!


Coastal Family Preschool



Tracy Nemetz

Preschool Teacher

Tracy Nemetz joins the Coastal Family team with over a decade of experience working with preschool age children and their families. Tracy and her husband Conner are raising three kids (Lily, Arlo and Parker) here in Carpinteria. Tracy has worked alongside members of our Coastal Family team and we are thrilled to have her! She connects with her students and their parents in a way that ensures they feel known, heard and cherished. Her presence is a such a joy! 


Haley Davis

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Haley joins the Coastal Family team with six years of preschool teaching experience. Haley and her husband Kaleb have two children, Judah (4) and Jillian (10months). Haley began teaching with Brittney in 2015 as a pre-kindergarten teacher. Haley is sheer magic with four year olds; her classrooms are beautiful and inviting, she has a knack for connecting with her students and guiding them to learn through fun and play. Her creativity shines as she makes imaginary play come alive in her classroom. On the weekends you will find her with family at the beach or the pool and taking family bike rides!

Maggie McCourt

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Maggie is our 2-3 year old teacher at Coastal Family School! Maggie’s bright smile and warm demeanor bring delight to her students. Her playful and energetic personality engages her students and encourages their zest for learning. Fun fact about Ms. Maggie: she is also Ms. Haley’s sister! We are so thankful for her and what she brings to our Coastal Family!


Ashley Martin

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Ashley is our 3-year old teacher at Coastal Family School.  She initially joined Coastal Family as a mom of one of our students.  Ashley is kind, patient, and engaging, making her the ideal preschool teacher.  With over ten years of experience working with young children in school settings, we are thrilled that Ashley is officially joining our team. 


Madelyn Cuculich

Toddler Aide

Madelyn Cuculich is such a gift to our preschool staff! Her gentle spirit and warm smile bring joy to both our students and staff. This school year Ms. Maddy joins Ms. Maggie in our 2-3 year old classroom. She is currently finishing her degree in biblical studies and is recently married!


Coastal Family Elementary


Kylie Oyler 

Kindergarten Teacher

We are thrilled to share that Ms. Kylie will be joining the Coastal Family School staff as our kindergarten teacher! Kylie has her degree in child development and has taught both pre-kindergarten and kindergarten alongside our own Ms.Haley and Ms.Brittney for five years. Kylie is patient, kind, funny and engaging. She is exceptional at meeting the individual needs of the children in her classroom and curating an environment where children are active participants in their learning.


1st/2nd Combo Class

Desiree Johnson

Desiree Johnson has taught children in both school settings and in children's ministry.  Her dedication to meeting the individual needs of children and supporting their families is unmatched. She brings a wonderful balance of structure and playful connection to the classroom while encouraging her students to grow in their knowledge and skills.  We are so grateful to have Desiree and her daughter Lily (a Coastal Family Preschool student) as a part of our Coastal Family!

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