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Our Core Values

Our students are rooted in God’s word, a strong academic foundation and a desire to lean in and engage with the world. We desire to discover and celebrate personal strengths in partnership with appreciating the giftings of others.

Whole Child Development: Children are multifaceted, complex individuals. At CFS we believe that each child deserves personal attention, care and guidance as they grow. We respect them as full partners in relationship and full participants in their education. We hold space for each child to explore and develop every aspect of who they are; mind, heart, body and spirit. In this way, students develop healthy self-concepts and grow in independence and confidence. 

Family Partnership: Partnerships grow as the staff at CFS value our families as the primary source of information about the child and the constant in their life, and when families value the knowledge and personal characteristics of their child’s teachers. We strive to understand each child’s whole context, support their parents/guardians and learn from the experiences, knowledge, culture, and beliefs of family members. Good communication is essential to ensuring continuity of care between home and school. 

Intentional Instruction: Through intentional planning in response to observing and knowing our students, we curate learning experiences to enhance specific areas of development. Within thoughtfully constructed environments we offer loving, personal guidance tailored to the individual child and the group they are part of. The most powerful instruction comes from teachers who model both learning and relationships. 

Inquiry and Creativity: We view even our youngest students as “little scientists” whose job is to discover everything a human can know about the world they live in. Through play our preschool children explore, observe and experiment with different materials and environments. The inquisitive nature of children is built upon through their elementary years. Cognitive growth is achieved as children develop critical thinking skills and curious, open minds by asking questions and solving problems. Creativity flourishes as children are empowered to respond expressively to their experiences.  

Social and Emotional Intelligence: Social and emotional intelligence are the essential building blocks for success. Resilience is the basis of readiness to learn; it is the confidence to take risks, test new skills, try again and ask for help. Persistence is what gives us the drive to remain focused on our course of action despite adversity or opposition. Respectful relationships are the essence of society. Students are empowered to set and honor boundaries, practice expressing their needs, work together and always try again when they make mistakes. Staff models these practices by healthy communication with students, parents and one another. 

Spiritual Growth: We honor connection with the Creator as the purpose of life. We believe that God actively pursues friendship with children, that He will speak to them and guide their lives. Each teacher embraces the role of spiritual mentor. Our Bible curriculum was developed to give children a full understanding of who God is through both systematic theology and the grand narrative found in the Bible. We work in unison with the church to shepherd the spiritual development of our students and families.

Community: We understand that raising children is one of the greatest endeavors of our lives and acknowledge that children and families thrive in community. Community grows in an environment where staff, students and parents can learn from each other and draw from specialists and community experts as resources. Together with Family Baptist Church we create a strong web of connections for children and families to lean on. In class, students practice appreciating one another’s gifts and hard work as well as supporting each other in growth.

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