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Our Vision

We exist in unison with the ministries of Family Baptist Church and seek to surround our students with the encouragement and support of our church community. We are one family, equipping one another to reflect Jesus. We are a family school, meaning that we not only seek to support individual students in their growth and development through education but we place a high value on relationships. Our staff, students and their families work together preparing our students to walk in the truth of who God is and in the fulfillment of discovering who God made them to be. 

Coastal Family School is a 5-day per week school utilizing both full time and hybrid instructional models where our professional teachers partner with committed parents to provide our students with a quality and whole child focused education.


Coastal Family School hybrid students begin each week at home with curriculum provided to parents by our teachers. New concepts are introduced on Mondays through family games and activities. Students then join our on campus class for three days of in-person instruction (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday). Fridays are enjoyed applying the week’s concepts off-campus, engaging with our community. The off-campus Fridays are also planned and prepared for by our teaching staff and include a variety of experiences from exploring our natural environment to community service opportunities.

At Coastal Family School we practice the art of restful, deep and meaningful learning. The Greek word for “leisure” is schole, from which we derive our english word “school”. The classical tradition of education regarded school as a place of schole, of leisure. Would students today describe our schools, among other things, as a place of leisure?  This would not mean of course that our schools be mere places of relaxation but places of reflection, conversation, celebration and feasting. Here at Coastal Family School we are on a quest to find excellence, truth and beauty in all things. We engage in the reflection of truth and virtue, discovering what it means to be human.


Our school verse is found in Psalms 25:4-5 "Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me for you are God my Savior and my hope is in you all day long."  From this verse we purpose ourselves with three objectives: Show Me, Guide Me and Teach Me. Our community believes in showing students the ways of the Lord through our own lives and relationships, teaching them the truest things about the world and about God and guiding them to place their hope in the unchanging love of God. 

What would happen if each of our children approached the world with wonder, passion and discovery? At Coastal Family School we want our students to become people who pursue a relationship with God, who understand that God is big enough to handle anything they could face in life, and most importantly who understand that God is pursuing a relationship with them through Jesus. We desire for our students to become people who love others the way that God has demonstrated his love for us. That each child should know and understand that they are invited to participate in God's big story to illustrate His redemptive plan to all people. And we desire for our students to become people who see themselves the way that God sees them. Leaning into the confidence that is available to them in Christ and using that confidence to pursue a lifestyle of purpose and discovery.

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