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Frequently Asked Questions!

Does Coastal Family School offer only a hybrid instructional model in  elementary school or can my child attend full time? 


Though our elementary school is structured with a hybrid instructional model in mind, families can add Monday/Friday as on campus days which will provide their children with a more traditional private school experience of attending under the care and direction of their teacher Monday through Friday from 8:15-3:00pm. 

Are there opportunities for us to be in community with other school families?


Yes! At Coastal Family School our desire is to surround our children with a community who supports and encourages each of them as they grow. It is our heart to provide space for families to connect with one another to deepen the impact that we have on our students. Throughout the year we will enjoy all school gatherings like our Back to School Night, Fall Carnival, Christmas Performance, and Art Show among others. Parents also gather at drop off time once each quarter to enjoy coffee and treats together. It is a sweet time to catch up with friends before heading off to work.

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