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The elementary years are filled with so much excitement; students deepen their knowledge and form close relationships. As students are on the road to becoming avid readers, a world of learning and imagination is suddenly at their fingertips.  Brain research suggests that children, during the elementary years, learn information quickly and easily. But just because children are eager to learn does not mean that they learn like adults, they are for the most part still concrete thinkers and require repetition and clear application. Coastal Family School students thrive in an environment where they can connect their learning to everyday experiences in their environment. Our hybrid instructional model is a beautiful partnership between home and school that ensures that our students are surrounded by a loving community of adults participating in the growth of our children. Alongside strong academic preparation, Coastal Family School students enjoy discovering the world through social studies, exploring life science and expressing themselves creatively through art and music.



At Coastal Family School we pursue quality curriculums that balance instruction and discovery. We desire for our students to be full participants in their learning which requires their full interest and engagement. To that end, our teachers tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of individual students as well as their collective classroom group ensuring that our students remain active in the learning process. Though hybrid students receive classroom instruction on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, our teachers also thoughtfully prepare curriculum for families to cover at home (or their favorite place to learn) on Mondays and also plan and coordinate the Friday off campus group learning day. Coastal Family School students are immersed in high quality literature, being both read to by their teachers, engaging in phonics to sharpen their reading skills and learning grammar through stories and poems. The practice of reflecting on the stories they hear through expressive writing will deepen our student’s understanding of language as well as develop clear handwriting skills. Our elementary students explore the world through a literature based program that immerses them in the sights, sounds, tastes and art of many of our world cultures. Tapping into the natural curiosity of our students, we explore life sciences from a Biblical worldview using the Apologia curriculum. Math skills are built in small group instruction with opportunity for both individual and group projects, giving our students hands-on learning opportunities.




Parents use teacher provided curriculum to learn at home (or their favorite place to learn) with their children through games and family activities.

The schedule below is simply a sample of what fits into a typical on-campus day at Coastal Family School:

Student Arrival, Journaling and Learning Centers

Morning Journals and Devotions

Language Arts

Small Groups: Reading and Writing

Snack and Outdoor Play


Small Group: Math

Science/Social Studies


Outside Play

Quiet Reading Time

Art and Enrichment Activities


Hybrid families meet off-campus with classroom teachers and full time on-campus students at a destination pre-planned by the teacher to enhance and put into practice concepts from the week. 

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